Experience the Magic: 'IF' Inspires The Imagination

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By Macaroni KID May 13, 2024

Excited for the upcoming release of the new movie, IF? So are we, especially because of how we know it will resonate with our kids. But it's a nostalgic trip down memory lane for us too, reminding us of our own childhood imaginary friends (aka IFs) and the magic they brought to our lives. We reached out to Macaroni KID moms for some family-fun ideas inspired by the film. Their creativity blew us away! It turns out IF brings out the imagination, in all of us.

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IF Imagination Snack Station

The IFs are taking over our homeschool! The kids took charge of this activity and planned an IF-themed day of kitchen fun inspired by IFs that caught our eye in the trailer including making Banana Buddies with googly eyes, gummy bears "swimming" in Jell-O, a Big Blue cake, and melting marshmallows. I loved this activity because it was a unique and fun experience for the kids, encouraged them to use their imaginations, and also incorporated learning in art, math and science.

—Camille Bisignaro, publisher of Macaroni KID Warminster-Willow Grove, Pa.

Create Your Own IF

Both my son and daughter have had their share of colorful imaginary companions so I’m genuinely excited about taking my kids to see IF.  I’m particularly eager to see how it sparks my children’s imaginations, perhaps even reigniting their connection with their own IF. It’s a great way to remind them—and me—of the joy and importance of nurturing creativity and play, no matter your age.

To channel my kids' excitement, I had my kids design their own IF—Imaginary Friend—and write their own IF adventure. The idea was to encourage creativity, fostering storytelling skills and spark imaginations. We found this activity to be perfect for family time, as parents and kids could collaborate and enjoy crafting stories and drawings together. 

Draw your imaginary friend and see it come to life with the IF Generator! 


—Toni Hill, publisher of Macaroni KID Macaroni KID Everett-Marysville-Snohomish-Lake Stevens-Mukilteo, Wash.

Only In Theatres Friday.
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IF Community Art Station

We are excited about IF's release for its multi-generational appeal and celebration of imagination. Ryan Reynolds' wit and charm in the lead adds excitement — we were all smiles watching the trailer. As parents fostering creativity, the film offers a fresh take on childhood innocence. My niece, Minh, was so thrilled after seeing the IF trailer she drew her own IF, resembling a mermaid.

Inspired by Minh's enthusiasm, we set up an Imagination Art Station at a community baseball park. Families watched the IF movie trailer, discussed the power of imagination, and kids created pictures of their IF. The craft activity was a hit, reinforcing the idea that imagination enhances life skills. This opportunity to bring their own IFs to life from their imaginations increased interest in the movie and so many families are excited to head to the movies and see IF! 

—Rachelle Nelson, publisher of Macaroni KID Smyrna Vinings, Ga.

IF Candy Charcuterie Board

My whole family is looking forward to the movie IF so much after seeing the trailer! I know my youngest, who truly believes that her stuffies can hear her and keep her safe, will love it. It's already stirring sentimental feelings for me knowing she's going to feel the magic of this movie, when both of our daughters seem to be growing up way too fast. The characters in the trailer also made me think about my stuffed bear that I had as a child and how at one point I really thought it could hear me and was a true friend. Maybe I wasn’t so off after all.

We created an IF candy charcuterie board to celebrate the release of the movie, featuring treats that reminded us of IFs or scenes from the movie trailer, like s'mores, gummy bears, popcorn, and cotton candy. The kids got so into it they even set up snack stations for their favorite stuffies. 

—Brigette Schroeder, publisher of Macaroni KID Yorkville, Ill.

If IFs Picnic

IF has a great theme that we can all connect with as a family, regardless of age and experience. We encourage our son to be creative and imaginative, and as parents we try to have moments of being a kid ourselves, so movies like this allow us the opportunity to have fun and to remember to never let go of our youth. 

We joined in the fun by creating our own IFs by drawing them on paper and then turn them into paper puppets. We invited our IFs out to a picnic so they could all get to know one another!  

The film reminds us that the power of imagination should never be lost and gives children the space to embrace their power as imaginative and creative beings. 

— Alexis Garcez, publisher of Macaroni KID Riverside, Calif.

IF arrives only in theatres Friday.
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